Do you know if you are well protected?

In the blood donor centre (e. g. in the German DRK blood donor centre) blood donors may receive information about their CMV immunity status. Your gynaecologist is also able to initiate an analysis of your immunity status. For the simple laboratory test you will usually be charged less than 20 Euros.

Moreover, pregnant women who have not yet had contact with the virus and who therefore did not build antibodies against it (seronegative) should practice careful hygiene. If possible, these women should avoid frequent and close contact with children, privately as well as on a work-related basis. This applies especially to pregnant children’s nurses and women who work in day-care centers (see hygienic guidelines).

According to surveys as many as 20 percent of children under the age of three in day care centres and toddler groupsare infected with the cytomegalovirus and may excrete it with their urine and saliva without showing any signs of an infection.

Careful when having close contact

Pregnant medical or day-care workers are advised to clean thoroughly items and surfaces that may have been contaminated with urine and saliva of young children. Moreover, for women in whose blood antibodies against the virus had not as yet been detected, it is important to increase the emphasis on personal hygiene, e.g. washing their hands with soap and warm water after changing diapers, feeding, bathing, cleaning children’s noses and after touching soiled toys. Sharing cups, plates, towels and other items with young children, kissing them on the lips or licking the children’s soother for cleaning purposes should also be refrained from.